Efficient Development of Quality Products

The goal of B# is to help companies develop products efficiently and with quality. To do this, good procedures, efficient tools of communication and methods for quality assurance of the products are required. This is accomplished by counselling, education and a number of tools and services offered.

We have as well an extensive knowledge of several alternative tools for developing and test of software, along with their benefits and drawbacks. In the meantime we participate in projects as counselor for, among others,  Purple Scout, moreover developing products on our own in order to keep up to date with the latest new within both project management and development of software.

B# works with Agile development, seeing significant opportunities of achieving products of good quality, to the right price and on time. Together with my collaborators and partner, Aqqurite, we educate and coach you to achieve the ultimate result.

Within web design  we cooperate with Kanban Marketing which is a company focusing at  internet marketingBSharp AB