September 2019

BSharp AB has prolonged its contract with Modelon.

Thanks Purple Scout for letting me be part of creating a quote to a potentially new customer.

August 2019

BSharp AB is a proud support company for the Naturskyddsföreningen 2019.

Naturskyddsföreningen is Sweden’s largest environmental organization with the power to change. They disseminate knowledge, map environmental threats, present solutions and influence decision makers – locally, nationally and globally.

Climate, forest, environmental toxins, sea, lakes and rivers and agriculture are their most important areas of work. In addition, they stand behind the eco-label Good Environmental Choice and promote sustainable consumption.

April 2019

BSharp AB has signed an agreement with Modelon AB for project management services. The assignment complements the work on audits for Cert2You and Trust2You.

February 2019

In our work with web pages we cooperate with Gustav Bergman that is expert in internet marketing

January 2019

BSharp AB focus also, with Sally, also at web pages to companies.

October -December 2018

BSharp AB works for the Icelandic government via Cert2You.

September – November 2018

BSharp AB  does a coaching assignment together with Purple Scout

December 2017

BSharp AB extends the cooperation with  Cert2You Europe AB to two of Cert2Yous customers.

January 2017 – June 2018

BSharp AB has an assignment at Noda, Karlshamn.

September 2016

BSharp AB starts a cooperation with  Cert2You Europe AB regarding work for SWEDAC

March 2016, a website for those with a garden interest, is launched.

January 2016

BSharp AB participates in Prague based Applause Kick off.

December 2015

BSharp AB concludes an agreement with Journal Digital concerning counselling in connection with recruitment of technical employees.

September 2015

BSharp AB concludes an agreement with Purple Scout concerning continual consulting within counselling and project management.

May 2015

BSharp AB concludes an agreement with Sellegi Technologies, becoming a retailer of ACT in Sweden.

March 2015

BSharp AB establishes an office at MINC to connect with new people in a creative atmosphere.

December 2014

nok9 extends the consulting agreement with BSharp AB. The settlement covers all 2015 and has a value of approximately SEK 750 000:-.

December 2014

Baraa Hatem and Sally Tantawy are recruited to work as website developer and website designer respectively.

September 2014

Daniel Svanemar is hired for three months, working with for instance WordPress, configuration of servers, Linux and Raspberry PI.

August 2014

BSharp AB concludes an agreement with Applause, becoming nordic retailers of the services of Applause.

June 2014

nok9 concludes an agreement with BSharp AB concerning consultant services during the second half of 2014. The settlement has a value of approximately SEK 300 000:-.